DVB-T Tuner on board including Multimedia Interface

The only digital TV receiver equipped with a Interface for the very simple and time-saving Connection to an OEM system. The "dvb LOGiC ®" family based on years of experience and development latest multimedia interfaces for MOST ® and CAN bus based automotive systems of different Vehicle manufacturers. This is a very high quality Diversity DVB-T tuner, which also carried his years of service and continuous development in the European market could convince many users. This has been especially designed for use in combination with a multimedia interface modified.

DVB system By CAS


Digital USB media player of the latest generation, Last position memory, Fully-fledged AV input with control option (50 pre-programmed device codes), Video output for rear seat entertainment, Rear camera input, Plug and Play Harness, MP3, AVI, VOB, MOV, RMVB, JPG ..., HD support in NTFS format (up to 2TB)

The CAN bus and MOST ®-based multimedia wonder c.LOGiC

Offers a perfect integration of safety-related components such as rear view camera and multimedia accessories such as TV tuner or DVD player in the car. The full with 2 AV inputs and a rear camera input and a switchable video output interface equipped binds original aftermarket devices from different manufacturers to an OEM screen navigation. Naturally it is the connected components of the keys (or Touchscreen) navigation system operate. The device selection are currently over 50 different models as well easily from the keyboard of the navigation system.

The blue logic ® product range

Equipped with the latest generation of Bluetooth ® modules of the leading manufacturer and revised software and hardware, improved voice quality, enhanced phonebook and many other features, offer blue logic ® Interfaces a much higher Mobile phone compatibility compared to the OEM.