The Automotive Integration difference.

Whilst some try to copy our techniques and others our slogans, we find that there is still no substitute for the original. For over 25 years we have told our customers that we are only bound by their imagination and budget. We believe that it is all about integration, not installation, hence our company name. Many of our competitors have great pictures of the latest high end cars on their web sites stating that they are experts in these vehicles. How many actually have pictures of those cars in their workshop?  Our gallery pictures are cars we have worked on in house. Our technicians are highly trained perfectionists.

 That's the difference!

        Jon Bergman -Director

Clients visiting our workshop often ask about the blue tape they see covering most of the cars. This is a special protective layer we place on any surface we are likely to work near or handle. At Automotive Integration we treat your pride and joy with the utmost of respect. All our products are sourced from the top manufacturers around the world to ensure the highest level of quality and reliability. The work conducted in our state of the art workshop is backed by a lifetime warranty on labour. All our processes  are conducted in a manner that mimics the factory materials and layout. As previously mentioned, we don't install, we integrate.

Automotive Integration specializes in the development and supply of mobile electronics solutions to the European prestige and performance vehicle manufacturers and their clients. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, our services provide the answers our clients seek in a timely manner that not only fits the purpose but also the budget. We can take an idea from inception to implementation providing all relevant technical support and associated training.


  • Product development
  • Tailored audio systems
  • OEM supply shortfall solutions
  • Product testing and evaluation
  • Training
  • Integrated rear view systems
  • Car Audio / visual systems 
  • In car entertainment
  • Navigation systems
  • Monitored Tracking systems
  • Race preparation for road and marine
  • Marine electronics

Who are our clients?.

Whether it be a Bentley or a base model commercial vehicle, At Automotive Integration, every car is given the same high standard of workmanship. That's why dealerships such as Porsche Centre Melbourne, Mercedes Benz Melbourne and many other flagship corporate dealerships use our services. We do not discriminate by brand. Our clients are the type of people that value the best products available, professional installation  and unrivalled service. It is all about attention to detail. We don't sell solutions, we design, integrate and support solutions for our clients. That's the is the Automotive Integration difference. When people ask us about value for money, we try to explain the value of quality products and workmanship. Warranty work does not pay, so at Automotive Integration there are systems in place to ensure that the job is done right. When you couple this quality control with the best  products available, the client gets the best possible outcome.