Bentley Integration

Automotive Integration has had a long history with Bentley in Victoria. Whether it be assisting the dealer in diagnostics or supplying aftermarket accessories, we have enjoyed the challenge of integration into one of the worlds’ most luxurious cars. A.I.S. (Automotive Integration Systems) can also provide custom systems for your specific requirements. Retrofit rear camera systems for the Continental GT are designed to seamlessly switch a wide angle digital camera image into the factory Infotainment screen. This system auto switches when reverse is selected allowing the driver to view those obstacles the mirror can’t see.

Included in our range of products from the worlds leading suppliers are high quality audio, Bluetooth  reversing sensors, front parking sensors, tracking systems, etc. If a specific item is not listed please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to oblige  with any specific requirements.

All of our systems come with a lifetime installation warranty as we well know that even leaving your pride and joy with us is hard enough,  we want you to feel secure knowing you are in the best hands.

Bentley Bluetooth Phone Retrofit Option Available For:

  • Continental
  • Supersports
  • Mulsanne
  • Flying Spur
  • Turbo R

The system is retrofitted using the highest quality parts. 

Bentley Rear View Camera Retrofit Option Available for:

  • Continental GT
  • Supersports
  • Mulsanne
  • Flying Spur

For Bentley retrofitted either using genuine Bentley parts or an aftermarket camera head.This system functions in the same way as the factory order system, when reverse gear is engaged the navigation screen switches over to the camera image.

Bentley Aftermarket Options

We also have a range of aftermarket options such as: 

Bluetooth Connectivity, Tracking Systems, Navigation Systems, Reversing Sensors & Camera's, iPod Connectivity, Multimedia Systems, and some rare and specific need items. Contact us for more details